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You should have more weight of the portfolio risk in the factors you have the most confidence in and less to none in the ones you have less confidence in.

Join thought leaders Larry Swedroe and Scott MacKillop as they split hairs on the value premium in Investing Lessons from a Top Poker Player

The Staggering Disconnect Between What Clients Want and What Advisors Think

  • If your brand is failing to connect with affluent prospects, here’s a glimpse inside their minds. - Sara Grillo
  • Advice That Could Kill Your Clients

  • Much of the advice you provide is geared towards planning for retirement and insuring your clients are able to maintain their quality of life after they stop working. Here’s what you may not know: There’s compelling data showing a link between early retirement and death.
  • How a Facebook Founder Wants to Solve Income Inequality

  • The thesis of Chris Hughes’s book Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn is stated right up front: “Most Americans cannot find $400 in the case of an emergency like a car accident or a hospitalization, yet I was able to make half a billion dollars for three years of work. Something is profoundly wrong with our economy and in our country, and we have to fix it.” But is Hughes’s solution the answer?