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Bogle’s Dire Forecast for the Mutual Fund Industry – started by Bob Huebscher (26 comments)

  • Are the incentives of firms with a business model that is predicated on buying (“rolling up”) individual fiduciary advisors to achieve economies of scale in direct conflict with the interests of the clients they serve? Would clients be better served by unaligned, independent RIAs with a fiduciary intent?
  • Tyler Cowen and the Fallacy of American Laziness – started by Larry Siegel (5 comments)

  • Are Americans no longer the restless go-getters they once were? Has our culture changed in ways that impede economic progress instead of naturally promoting it?
  • How long will it take for gender parity in the asset management industry? – started by Charlotte Beyer (2 comments)

  • Why are there so few women (and other minorities) in the asset-management industry?
  • The Forgotten Path to Prosperity – started by Michael Lebowitz (3 comments)

  • Is deflation a beneficial byproduct of innovation and productivity gains? When should central bankers intervene to stoke inflation?